Friday, December 11, 2015

Day 345 - 11th December 2015 - Chickadees, Goldfinches and Grandmother's Journal

A foggy, quiet morning out there. A little rain on the way for today but doesn't look like a lot in the forecast. More kitchen duty today and since I made some headway on the research project yesterday, hopefully I can get that finished off today and printed off on Saturday. Will be nice to get some loose ends tied up.
So another day spent mostly in the kitchen, although I'm not sure if I'm really making any headway. I seem to be moving in slow motion. Didn't make it to exercise class last night, I was still putting cookies together and cleaning up the kitchen at 7pm. Hopefully next week I'll have things under control. Lexi and I did get out walking, got caught in a light shower after lunch.
Grandmother's Journal: 
11 Dec 1976: High winds, Bob, Tom, Bobbie & Mike to MC. One cat, one fox. Mike had nine rabbits. I cleaned house and cooked. Winds high and really cold. Started feeding pups today. 
12 Dec 1976: Milder this morning. Rain - light all day. Very foggy tonight. Bob, Tom, Bobbie & Mike to MC.  Kim up for supper. Foggy, real nasty but warm. Kim having stomach troubles. On a bland diet.
Looks like the Chickadees are finding some breakfast.

A skinny pine laden with cones. I guess the squirrels haven't noticed these yet.

An inquisitive Goldfinch.
The ferns are all withered and dried.
I think this Goldfinch just cleared my head as he was flying in.

Enjoy your day!

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