Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day 354 - 20th December 2015 - Red-Winged Blackbird, Eagle and Mourning Dove

A wintery morning out there. Everything is covered in a layer of snow and it's blowing. Sleep was longer so it should be a better day and I will be less cranky. I've been thinking about heading to Cape Sable Island for another try at those Mountain Blue Birds. We've got a birthday party to go to this afternoon so could stop at that on the way back. Maybe I'll just wait and see where the day takes us. Perhaps no plan is the best plan.
Oh the sleepless night caught up with me yesterday. Town in the morning - lots of errands, shopping etc done. On the way down I spotted an Eagle - he landed on top of a pine tree. A few minutes later another one flew from the same tree but further below. First time I've seen two in the area together, wonder if we've got a breeding pair. That would be very cool indeed.  Lois says she she had seen two a number of years ago but in the last three years I've been watching. When we got home in the afternoon I spied a Red-Winged Blackbird hanging out with Mourning Doves.
Red-Winged Blackbird and Mourning Dove.

 I was still quite a ways from them - Eagle.
One flew then the other across the road. 
We seem to have a lot of Mourning Doves these days.

Enjoy your day!

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