Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 344 - 10th December 2015 - Trees, Decorations and Street Lights

Stars are out and it's a mild morning. The owls sound closer with their "Hoots" but the lake plays tricks and echos so they may not be as near as I think. I can also hear a couple of ducks - probably expecting an early breakfast from a neighbour. So it's going to be another kitchen day for me, hoping to finish up the baking this week and I've got a research project to complete between today and tomorrow. Rain this afternoon, best get some walking in this morning. 
Had a good day in town, busy as usual and tired when I got home. I did a quick walk on the waterfront before grabbing a tea at the Beandock. It's nice to see houses and businesses decorated for Christmas. Rather an overcast day, with a chill in the air.
 A tree in an upstairs window brightens a dull morning.
 Cute with ribbons and lights.
 A bunch of red berries hanging through the gate.

Pots filled and decorated.

And the street lights were still burning.

Enjoy your day!

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