Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 212 - 31st July 2015 - Dragonfly, Daisies and Sailboats

Woke up at 4 am, going to be a long day. Think it was a flash of lightening that jarred me from sleep. Of course, once I'm awake that's it. Lexi was restless so I knew thunder was in the air as well. Made a little headway on the book I'm reading. It's Friday, company coming these evening. It's a girls weekend of birding - looking forward to it. The rain should clear later today and Saturday looks great for weather.
Good bye July, another month ending and on the downswing of the year. Well it was was a beautiful hot day. Thought it would be a good birding morning on my walk, sun was shining through the bushes but was quiet as a ghost town. Still a good time for a walk. Relatively progress was made at work yesterday as well, fairly quiet there. Did the grocery shopping on the way home -ugh, then our phones were all out up and down the road. No idea what that was all about, but it's a worry when you have older residents in an area and no method of contacting emergency personnel when needed.
Dragonfly on the grasses along the lake.

Calm and serene on the lake.

Pickerelweed. Grows along the waterline of the lake shore.
Daisies along a neighbour's fence in the morning light.
The boats always look so nice moored in the harbour.

Enjoy your day!

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