Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 208 - 27th July 2015 - Savannah Sparrow, Fawns, Broad-winged Hawk and Common Terns

Raining this Monday morning. back to the grind. The weekends go way too quickly. Maybe it will let up when it's time for my walk.  A few things and researchers on the go this week but shouldn't be quite as busy as last week. Have a couple of girls  coming on Friday- our annual girls birding weekend. We had a blast last year. Sometime this week I've got to chase the cobwebs and dust.
A little rain first thing Sunday morning, but we took off anyway after breakfast and headed for Louis Head Beach and then on to Hemeon's Head. Been a while since we've explored in those directions. Nice to get out. Nothing new on my lifer list but saw a ton of Savannah Sparrows, some Common Terns, Willets, Yellow Legs, Gulls and a Great Blue Heron and a Broad-winged Hawk. So over all a good outing. Home in the afternoon - Larry in the woodpile, me cooking for his lunch box.
Savannah Sparrow. I think this is one of my best shots.

 Such cute little Fawns. Didn't see the Mom anywhere, but hopefully she was standing in the trees watching them.
 Common Tern at Louis Head breakwater.
 Crab for breakfast!
 Yellow legs and Willets at Hemeon's Head.

 Willets in flight.

Broad-winged Hawk. We did the drive by and hand to back up. He obliged and stayed on the line until I had some shots.

Enjoy your day!

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