Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 211 - 30th July 2015 - Least Flycatcher, Black-Throated Green Warbler, Evening Grosbeak and Lilies

Here we are at Thursday already. Another week sliding away. Girls are coming tomorrow to go birding for the weekend. Hope we find something new and interesting in our travels. Work today, not expecting anyone, but there are always a few that drop in to do research, etc. I have lots to do just the same. Only a few more weeks and my  student will be finished, the summer is passing quickly.
What a great day to be home, once the fog burned off. Lots of activity in the apple trees even though m morning walk was fairly quiet. Did some light housekeeping, then the sun came out and that was the end of my good intentions. Lois and I went swimming in the afternoon. The water was beautiful and refreshing. The Catbird makes at least one visit in the yard/day. He found the birdbath yesterday and splashed around, no photos though, but he was fun to watch. The birdbath needs to be cleaned out though.
Least Flycatcher. There were two in the yard today. They really don't like to co-operate though.

Always a few Chickadees around, this little one found breakfast.
Black-throated Green Warbler.
Common Yellow-Throated Warbler - lots of them.
A couple of Evening Grosbeaks were eating the berries from this Wild Cherry (I think it is) tree.
Love the deep rick color of these Lilies.

Enjoy your day!

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