Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 209 - 28th July 2015 - Palm Warbler, Thistle, Lily and Ovenbird.

Looks like mostly rain today, thundershowers are forecast late in the day. Lexi will be upset again.  Have to get some research underway. Several of those projects need my attention. One step forward, two steps back some days. Keeps me out of trouble I guess. Not sure if I'll get my walk in today, but will bag up Big B. and try it anyway. Unless it's a downpour I'm good to go.
Rain held off for my morning walk yesterday, but it was pretty quiet. Not a lot of birds moving where I was. They seem to be much happier when there is some sun shining through the alders and bushes. Mostly a quiet day at work too. Showers, sun and clouds throughout the day. Exercise class last night.
Palm Warbler, he was hanging out on the deck railing.

These look like real Thistles - pretty and thorny!

A Grackle is into the suet again.
Lily at a neighbour's. Love the color.
Ovenbird hiding in the branches. No he wasn't coming out for a better shot.

Enjoy your day!

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