Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 191 - 10th July 2015 - Jellyfish, Seaweed, Kelp and a Roadtrip

Harmony Bazaar time and a weekend with my besties. This is our girls weekend away ... to Lockeport. I also have the opportunity to photograph performers - musicians and artists. Pretty well the only time of the year that my main focus is on people. Oh I'll slip off to the beach early Saturday and Sunday morning to catch the sunrise and maybe some shorebirds while the rest sleep. I'm not a people photographer but this is one weekend I truly enjoy. Musicians have so much energy. I'll head out for a quick walk this morning then get things finished here.
It was sure a long day, Thursday but I survived. Got some things done up at the office, the next couple weeks there are going to be very busy. Headed off to Lockeport after work to set up the art exhibit, then Sobeys and back home for late supper and not quite early bed. No time for photos yesterday, but I was feeling in a beach mood so pulled some of those from the weekend. I really like all that funky stuff - seaweed, jellyfish, etc. that washes in with the tide.

Enjoy your day!

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