Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 189 - 8th July 2015 - Duck, Catbird, Lake and Berries

I overslept this morning - 6 am. Felt good, must have needed that extra hour. Or I'm trying to get a few hours of sleep that I will lose on the weekend. Lots to do, will hit the hood in a while and see if there is anything exciting out there. Chance of showers today, but they will give that all the time now. Have to pack up my photographs for the show, get some clothes, etc. organized for the weekend and do some cooking for next week's lunch boxes.
Hot, Hot, Hot!  on Tuesday. No complaining from me, I still have memories of February's ice and cold. It was quiet  on my morning walk. Not so much activity as I've seen the last few days but I could hear more singing. Good day at work, final corrected version of the book has gone to the printer so it's out of my care until the launch. Did a few things around last evening but nothing interesting.

A lone duck in the cove. Perfect calm morning on the lake.

The Catbird was singing for me, but a little too far away for a good shot. Most morning I hear him in the same area. Thought there might have been another one lower in the brush. Maybe they've nested.

The lake is dropping, rocks and reeds are showing.

Red berries are forming.

Enjoy your day!

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