Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 196 - 15th July 2015 - Northern Paurla, Swamp Sparrow, Yellow Rumped Warbler and Roses

Wednesday, some showers on the way for today. Would kind of like to see it hold off till I got out for my walk this morning, but we need rain. The garden is dry and the woods. A ban on burning was put up yesterday. I've got inside to work to - plenty  - housework and a whole lot of photos from the weekend to go through and edit.
The birds are certainly active in the mornings now.Always a bunch of young ones flitting around. From last years count though, I'm still missing an number of species in the hood. Maybe I'll see them yet. Good day at work, lots done, plus had a couple of distant relatives in researching - new people to add to my tree. Especially on my maternal side. Lazy evening - a walk and load of laundry. Larry had fire practice.

I had fun with this Northern Parula, he wasn't bothered by me and at one point I could have touched him.
Roses are blooming.
I'm going with Swamp Sparrow for this little guy - I see him every morning now.
I thought this was a Northern Parula but not 100% sure. He looks like he's wearing a mustache.
Yellow Rumped Warbler found a bug on the power pole.
They are like little acrobats.
He was sure hungry.
Not a Thistle, but looks like one.

Enjoy your day!

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