Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 186 - 5th July 2015- Common Terns, Piping Plovers and Willets

Sunday morning, the sun is moving slowly up through the trees, moon is still in the sky. Looks like a nice day in the making. Guess it will be a home day, mostly. Will get a jaunt around the hood this morning. Have to do the lunch box cooking for the week. Since I'm away next weekend will do some extras for the freezer. Better run through the book proof too, would like to hand the corrected version back to the Printer by Tuesday. This week is busy and will fly by, I'm sure.
Another great day. Finally we got to a few beaches! Saw lots of Terns at Crow's Neck Beach as well as a few Piping Plovers (including little ones) and Willets. Sand Hill's Beach didn't offer up as much, the tide had arrived by the time we got there. More Terns and Willets. We headed into Barrington to do some grocery shopping then off to West Head Take out for lunch. Got home early afternoon with still some time to do a few things around home. Larry in the woodpile and me in the house.
I think the Terns at Crow's Neck Beach were upset about the plover signs, they definitely want one of their own!
This Willet walked along the beach with us, not too close but the further we went the less he minded us.

And we did find the Piping Plovers. Adults and babies were feeding along the beach.
I kept my distance so as not to upset them.
There seems to be lots of Terns.

The tide was coming in and brnging all kinds of things, including this small crab.
Pitcher Plants in the bogs along the roadside.

The Willet found a spot to hang out and watch everything.

Enjoy your day!

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