Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 194 - 13th July 2015 - Sunrise, Willet and Musicians

Back to Monday, reality check and work...blah! Maybe I should be taking Monday off after the Harmony weekend. Going to be a busy week and I'm dragging my butt this morning. It will take a couple nights to catch up on my sleep. Oh well...suck it up and get moving. Book launch on Thursday, so I need to do a few things to get ready for it, one of our displays is moving down to the waterfront for the Founder's Day weekend - have to get that ready. Plus everything else that will come at me I'm not expecting.
Another great day on Sunday. Hit the beach around 6 am - I was a little later than Saturday so didn't get those great sunrise shots, but still not bad. Once everyone got mobile we hit the Legion for their breakfast. It's nice when we are there to support local businesses and groups. Went back down later to hear the gospel after breakfast, then to the main stage to watch the young people who had been working with Melanie Doane all weekend. What a great opportunity. McKenzie's School of Dance performed, then Irish's invitational wrapped up the day. Home before supper, laundry lunches and bed for me.
Morning came to Lockeport.
Pat Watson did gospel at the Beach Centre. A light shower sent everyone inside.
I love wildflowers and grasses on the sand dunes.
This is Dyson, he hung out with is a while on Sunday morning.
A local dance school had some of their performers on stage, Sunday. This young lady was very good.
Irish, Pat, Roxy and Jessie did a little up for Samm Splash.
One very unhappy Willet, I wondered if there was a nest nearby.

Melanie Doane, Sunday afternoon. It was pretty windy!

Enjoy your day!

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