Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 205 - 24th July 2015 - Robin, Magnolia Warbler, Damselfly and Black & White Warbler

It's Friday and the weekend is close at hand. With all the shorebirds around now, I hope we can get to a beach or two. Thunder showers later today and this evening. Would like a few hours of quiet at work today - just to finish up a few things.
Thursday was beautiful, the morning had that...dare I say fall feeling in the air but it warmed up as the day went on. Truthfully I don't mind cool at night and first thing in the day. My walk was quieter than usual, not so much activity around and mostly in the high canopy of trees. A day of catch up at work, exercise class in the evening. The apple trees were full of warblers again.

Looks like he's happy with breakfast - Robin.

The Magnolia never wants to give me a good shot.
It does have wings but looks like he could be nasty.
Damselfly - lots of them around now too.
Black & White Warbler - they are like little acrobats.

Enjoy your day!

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