Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 199 - 18th July 2015 - Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Hermit Thrush and Regiment Encampment

Looks like a it will be a good day, little cloudy but that should clear. Would love to hit the beaches today, but I don't see that in our forecast. I'm back at the waterfront for photos this afternoon and need to do some grocery shopping too. Maybe I'll check out the hood this morning, see what's out there for Warblers. Spied one yesterday that I'm not sure who he is and a better shot may help.
Busy day in town - lots of people around, researchers in and phone calls. A good day. Ordered lunch at the Beandock and then whipped down along Dock Street further to grab a few shots of the Regiment Encampment. I'm glad  I don't have to be dressed in one one of those wool get ups! Did a few things around the house last night and Larry cut up some wood - it has begun.

A little up close and personal - Yellow-rumped Warbler.
Hermit Thrush - probably a young one.
The encampment - I believe this section is the civilians.

Ready to defend.
Weapons were being cleaned.
Hard at work.

Enjoy your day!

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