Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 206 - 25th July 2015 - The Lake, Red-eyed Vireo, Palm Warbler and Ovenbird

I'm up a bit early, but it's been a few weeks so once in a while isn't bad. Looks like some rain showers off and on today. I seriously wanted to hit some beaches and check out the shorebirds. Sometime this afternoon we have to go to a wedding reception - well it's more like a big casual party. And of course I have to fit the dreaded grocery shopping in there somewhere.
The morning that started out so beautifully turned to thunder showers quickly after lunch. By evening it had cleared and the apple trees were busy with Warblers once again. The Hummingbirds are very feisty these days, with the feed lasting no time at all. Often I see them in the pole beans and the bright red blossoms.  
A lovely peaceful morning on the lake. Just a little mist rolling up off the water.
Ovenbird. Funny I hadn't see one all summer and this week I saw two.
Palm Warbler.
One of three Robins that almost ran me down, I had to jump out of the way.
Red-eyed Vireo, lurking in the branches.

Enjoy your day!

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