Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 187 - 6th July 2015 - Common Yellow-Throated Warbler, Northern Parulas, Grackle and Chipmunk

Here we are back to Monday and the work week. Looks like a fine day. All the regular voices out there this  morning - Hermit Thrush, Loon, Song Sparrow and Red-Eyed Vireo. Going to be a busy week. Need to make corrections to the book, have researchers coming and need to get ready for Harmony Bazaar which is this weekend.
Another beautiful sunny day! So great to have a few in a row, temperatures up with a bit of breeze at times. Headed out for my morning walk, little later than normal, but I think that was a good thing. Managed a few good bird shots and was pleased to see two Northern Parula Fledglings. They were cute and goofy. So it was a day at home, we've been running for the last couple so time to get things done around here. Larry worked outside most all day splitting wood and cleaning up around. The wood shed is full, Now hopefully in the next week or so the rest of our wood will be delivered and then there will be more work to cut and split that up.
Common Yellow-throated Warbler. Finally he posed for me.
Northern Parula Fledglings.
There were two of them - mostly in low branches and not flying far - just from branch to branch.
The lake is full of Lily pads again.
Chipmunk - probably another young one as he was quite fearless as well.
Maybe a Grackle Fledgling. The Grackles were nearby kicking up a fuss so I was looking to see what the problem was and found this guy right beside me.
The Chickadee had no idea what all the commotion was all about.
And the ducklings are growing fast.

Enjoy your day!

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