Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 195 - 14th July 2015 - Common Yellowthroat Warbler, Palm Warbler and Yellow Rumped Warbler

Can hear the Song Sparrows this morning, soon others will join them. Love to sit on the deck in the early morning and evening listening. Hoping to get a few more things done at work today, it's nice to finally catch up on a few things. Might even find some more of those young birds on my walk this morning.
Another hot day - no complaints on the heat, but I dislike high humidity. Had a good walk in the hood, lots of birds have now fledged and are hanging out where I expect to see them. Now the fun and confusion starts - who are some of them? A semi quiet day at work, which was good as I was dragging my butt big time. Picked up my tea at the Beandock on the way to the office and a Bald Eagle flew along the waterfront, I wasn't moving fast enough to drop the tea and swing up big B. to get a shot. What a miss.

Juvenile Common Yellowthroat Warbler.
 I ran into this fellow last week, probably a Swamp Sparrow.
 Black & White Warbler with his wing fanned out, he was doing a little preening.
Yellow Rumped Warbler.

These last two, look to be Palm Warblers.

Enjoy your day!

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