Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 188 - 7th July 2015 - Song Sparrow, Palm Warbler and the Lake

A little foggy out there this morning, but looks like the sun will break through. Showers tonight. A little overnight rain won't hurt. The kitchen garden looks good, peas are in bloom and we'll soon be eating Swiss Chard and Beet Greens. I see a few blooms coming on the tomatoes too. Lots to do a work today - the book goes back to the printer for corrections (last time I have to see it before we get the print copies). Did a little advertising for that yesterday.
Well Monday came and went, started off a little rough but moved along smoothly after a while. Hot, Hot, Hot! Summer has arrived in the Nova Scotia, finally. The hood is beginning to get livelier  - the young are leaving their nests and beginning to flit around. This is when knowledge gets tested and I learn more - the youngsters don't look like their parents at this stage. Off to exercise class after supper - not so nice when it's  hot, but a good work out none the less.
 A young Song Sparrow. He was really cute.
A hazy morning on the lake as the sun comes through.
A young Palm Warbler - looks like he's on a swing.
From a neighbour's flower bed, but I'm not sure what it is. I need to brush back up on my flowers.

Enjoy your day!

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