Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 190 - 9th July 2015 - White Admiral Butterfly, Common Yellow-throated Warbler and Tree Swallows

Yesterday's sleep in may have created a too early morning today. Ugh! Will be a long day.  I'm off to Lockeport after work to set up for the Harmony in Art Exhibit. It's pretty exciting to be asked as an exhibitor. But before that, I've got a busy day at work. Lots to do and clean up.
The humidity has really gone through the roof - guess that part of summer slipped my mind. Oh well, a good excuse to not work hard. Wednesday was busy, finished framing photos, got them packed up, lunch boxes looked after for next week (entrees cooked and in the freezer), clothes packed and camera gear put together. Still need to do a few things but can do those on Friday.
White Admiral Butterfly.

I can never understand what this little fellow is called a Common Yellow-throated Warbler. With that striking black mask he's anything but common.

I took this on the weekend. No I didn't go close, just on the deck and the parents are use to that. Actually it's mounted on Larry's workshed/woodshed and they don't seem bothered when he's there. Tree Swallows
He has some fuzz along the back of his head and neck and is much lighter in color than the adult. So I assume he's a young Willet.
Twin flowers, they've just about spent their time for this season.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Love your assortment of pics this morning. The butterfly is gorgeous and those baby swallows are so precious. The twin flowers are beautiful as are the birds... oh, I just loved them all... lol