Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 184- 3rd July 2015 - Yellow-rumped Warbler, Grasses, Robin and Ducklings

It's a wet morning out there, but suppose to clear and sun shine later. It's Friday, and the weekend can arrive anytime. Looks like good weather in the forecast, at least for Saturday which means a trip to a few beaches for us. Maybe Villagedale will be on the list - haven't been there since last year.
Thursday was a nice day, sun shining, warm - perhaps summer has made an appearance. Hearing and seeing a few birds on my morning walk. Most are not interesting in slowing day to pose for photos but chasing bugs and flies among the trees and bushes. Maybe on the weekend I'll find some time to sit and wait and see if anything appears. Good day at work - busy afternoon, but time in the morning to clear up some things. Printer arrived with the book proof for me, so I can review that over the weekend. Hopefully there aren't too many glaring issues.
Yellow-rumped Warbler - he was moving quickly between the branches and leaves.

I only count 7 in this batch now.

 The grasses are interesting - texture and shape.
 Robin lurking in the trees.
I thought this was an unusual looking rig in the harbour.

Enjoy your day!

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