Friday, November 28, 2014

Day 332 - 28th November 2014 - Blue Jays, Water, Rake and Berries

Looks like a nice day on the horizon - mix of sun and clouds should be a welcome change, maybe a few flurries later. First day of lobster season, everyone is up early and on their way to the wharves to go out. Have a safe and prosperous season! Guess it won't be this year I see them leaving the wharves, boats weighted down with traps, Larry's going with his cousin for a bit. Just Lexi and I home, think we can get lots of things done. Today I better make cinnamon rolls or molasses cookies for Larry's lunch box.
Got lots accomplished on Thursday. Laundry, housework, finished the pantry and tackled the kitchen. Sorted through the gifts I've bought and did a few more of my photo cards up. Got for a walk before lunch - the hood is quiet these days, saw a couple of mallards but that was all except water, lots of water. Swamps are up to the private road where I walk and will continue to rise in the next few days. The rain stopped in the morning, but then we had snow flurries all afternoon. Leftovers for supper and a good class at exercise last night. Should be hurting for a day or two.

The gangs all here - Blue Jays. They like to crowd into the smaller feeder for some reason.
More of my dead weeds.
I think this rake should be put away before it snows and it's lost for the winter.
I like black and white photos. The lines of the rake, the texture of the straw and tree  make it  interesting.
The swamps are full, full.
If you look closely at the forest, she can give us a pop of color even in these overcast days.

Enjoy your day!

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