Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 305 - 1st November 2014 - White Throated Sparrow, Chickadee, Goldfinches and Mist

Welcome another month and another weekend nor'easter, although for us in the form of rain rather than snow. Right now I think we have enough water - swamps and lakes are all full.  Off to Yarmouth this morning, wish it was going to be a fit day for some birding while I'm there but it won't be. Might just take Big B. and her rain jacket anyway, just in case I see something on our travels. Plans are to visit the hospital, a few errands and then home so hopefully it won't be a long day.
Friday was another nice day, weather was great but not quite as warm as Thursday and became kind of overcast in the afternoon. Finished off the bowling alley including cleaning 7 windows inside and out, curtains washed and back up again. I really dislike "Fall Cleaning", but just have to suck it up and get it done. The Blue Jays and Squirrels are over taking the feeders. No Grackles yesterday, but lots of Chickadees, a couple of Goldfinches and a Golden Crown Kinglet hung around in the Lilac and Honeysuckle Bushes.
 A little mist rising across the lake.
 Looked like a little shell ice around these grasses.

 The sunlight makes little bits of bling.
 The neighbour's bear is decked out for Halloween.
 The beaches are gone - layers of leaves covered in water now.
 Goldfinches stopped by to the feeders today.
 White Throated Sparrow - saw two of them.

Lots of Chickadees.

This Golden Crowned Kinglet was hanging around with the Chickadees in the yard all afternoon. Unfortunately this was the best shot I got.

Enjoy your day!

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