Friday, November 7, 2014

Day 311 - 7th November 2014 - Cobweb, Juncos, Indigo Bunting, Goldfinches and Woodpecker

Another wet day, well I'm off to town anyway so I guess it doesn't matter too much.  Have a couple of appointments and time to take a friend to lunch for her birthday, we are only a couple months late but seems we never good quite fit it in there.  Really the day of the event is usually busy so maybe later is better.  Does't sound like a birding day to me.
Thursday was a good day even though it started raining around lunch time. Morning wasn't bad but a bit raw. I was sitting on the deck while Larry feed the birds around 7 am and a female Downy Woodpecker landed on one of the feeders, she was probably less then 4 feet from our back door, he went in and out and she continued to pull sunflower seeds from the feeder and eat. She arrived back in the afternoon and I got some photos. Finally about supper time she discovered the suet and settled on that. Quiet on my morning walk, but the feeders were busy all day. Started with about 5-6 American Goldfinches but my lunch time there were 24 or more. Blue Jays, Grackles, Mourning Doves, White-breasted and Red-breasted Nuthatches, Brown Creeper, Song Sparrows and Chickadees. The best visitor was a new one for me - Indigo Bunting. I finished the upstairs, made some good healthy soup (Larry is getting a man cold) and still had time to sit at the kitchen window watching the action.
Cobwebs and raindrops.
 Female Junco.
 Male Junco.
 The American Goldfinches were a busy bunch.
 The Indigo Bunting.
 Red-Breasted Nuthatch trying to break through the Godlfinches to get at the feeder.

Where there's a will there's a way!
Female Downy Woodpecker - not one bit shy either.

Enjoy your day!

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