Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 320 - 16th November 2014 - Sunrise, Red Leaves and Butterflies

Another cold and crispy morning out there, -4.6 on the thermometer. Doesn't look like it's going to be a great week coming up for weather - rain, rain and snow but it sounds like more rain than anything.  Well this morning Big B. and I will go out for a good roam around the hood. Will get some exercise although I'm not expecting to see too much unless I check out a few of the neighbourhood feeders. Other that that Lexi and I will hang out and putter around the house.
Brr ... winter came yesterday, it was cold in Yarmouth with snow flurries. Mom and I shopped all day, was nice to have a day together. We did get a good start on things, although I think she accomplished more than I did, but that's ok. Considering neither of us at much of a list we did pretty good. Had a nice lunch out - regrouped and finished out the afternoon. We were home by suppertime. Of course that meant another day for me with no new photos.
I'm protesting the cold and found some photos that are a little more fallish.
Love red leaves.
The days of Butterflies are ending.
Wild asters blow in the wind, but what I like are the grasses that give their stems a hazy look.
Summer days of dandelions gone to seed.

Enjoy your day!

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