Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day 317 - 13th November 2014 - Mourning Doves, Waves and Hunters

Looks like a fine and mild day. Wednesday went well but was a long day. Great speakers and lots of food. It remained foggy most of the day with a bit of drizzle around lunch time. My cold is still hanging on but maybe not quite as bad as it was - still coughing and sneezing.  No opportunity to take photos yesterday or today, really sucks to leave Big B. home but not really a spot for her.  So it's short and sweet this morning, maybe tomorrow will improve - told you all some days are better than others!
Mourning Doves on a line!
 Off Cape Sable Island.
 I like old wharves - no matter how bad of shape they are in.
 Foam, waves and seaweed.

Duck hunters on their way in.

Enjoy your day!

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