Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 319 - 15th November 2014 - Sticks, Orange Peel and Goldfinch

I'm a little shocked this morning when I turned on the outside light and there is a layer of snow on the deck - no great amount but enough that I didn't need to look twice. Temperature this morning is -1.7, first dip below 0. Guess that means that winter has begun, yes we will have some fine and warmer days periodically but just the same we now have the long months of short days and colder temperatures. I guess there is no point in complaining over what can not change, just go with the flow. I'm off to Yarmouth, Christmas shopping with Mom today, it's also that time of year. I am no longer a great shopper or like doing it but I'd rather do it now (or start) than the week before Christmas.
So it was a wet and miserable Friday.  I went out early for my walk, but not early enough - it started to rain so I bagged up Big B. and headed back home. Lexi and I went out again before lunch but got caught in a down pour. All that dampness just seemed to make my congestion and cough worse. We stayed in the rest of the day and worked. Some housework but mostly computer stuff. I'm trying to go through my photos and pick a few out for printing, also thinking I may get some done off for notes/cards.
Wonder if these sticks belong the the Beaver or if they've just washed up on the rock.
Even though it was raining hard the birds came out for feed.

Orange Peel fungus, I think this is so cool.

From a nicer day - reflections in the lake and a wild flower on the roadside.

Enjoy your day!

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