Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 314 - 10th November 2014 - Chickadee, Golden-Crowned Kinglet, Lichen and a Lantern

Back to the beginning of the week - Monday! Suppose to be a nice day. Guess I better get lots of stuff done up today, Larry's home Tuesday so we may be able to go birding somewhere for part of the day. I've got to be out on Wednesday and Thursday both so that only leaves me a couple days to get things done around here. I also want to make homemade pretzels or cinnamon rolls, not sure if I can fit those in today or not. The dough rising is most of the work and it's not like I have to watch it. As is my norm, I'll get out for a couple of jaunts.  Exercise class tonight!
Sunday was kind of a wasted day. I did get out for my walk but by the time I came back I was chilled through to the bone and feeling lousy. I did do a few things around the house then crashed on the sofa for a nap in the afternoon, Lexi snugged  next to me warmed me up. Larry on the other had seem to be improving until he came to bed and the minute he laid down was coughing.  We cooked a turkey so will have lots of leftovers this week, I'm out a couple days mid week so this will make life easier.
Always lots of friendly Chickadees around.
I like this old fashion looking light.
Broken branches from the wind hanging in the lake.
Lichen on the side of trees.
Turning from green to gold.
Not a great shot - I missed one on my walk, but this Golden-crowned Kinglet was hanging out in the Honeysuckle Bush.
It wasn't a fabulous looking morning, but improved.

Enjoy your day!

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