Friday, November 14, 2014

Day 318 - 14th November 2014 - Moon, Chickadee and Dragonflies

Friday has rolled around, this week I've been extremely confused with the days, forgot exercise class last night, thought Tuesday was Saturday. Oh well guess it will sort it's self out. Today I'm finally home, some roaming in the hood and housework. They are giving rain for today so it won't be a great day for photos. Larry's working Saturday and Sunday so there will be no birding for me unless something rare and unusual shows up on the doorstep! Oh well sometimes that the way it is.
Another good day of meetings - great speakers and positive attitudes. Nice to do some networking, come away with some new ideas and spend two days with people who actually want to make a difference. Tourism in Shelburne County is going to make a change - lots of hard work to come but I think people are now ready to get on board and get things done.  And I'm going to stick a little branding plug in here this morning for SCTA -" Shelburne County - Beyond the Ordinary".   I'm soon going to be at the end of the 3rd year of blogging, which means I've done a lot of travelling around Shelburne County and most of my photos are here in this County or neighbouring ones and  yes everything I see is Beyond the Ordinary.  We are darn lucky to live where we do and I think it's time to share that news.

Some Hydrangea's still look pretty good.
The moon was still out a few days ago when I went for my walk.
Shades of pink reflecting in the water.
These guys are all over the place now. Never long from the feeders or trees in the yard.

Still quite a few Dragonflies around and boy are they big.

Enjoy your day!

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