Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 309 - 5th November 2014 - Berry, Leaves, Hammock and Dill

Off to town this morning - errands, etc. Overcast and cloudy this morning - no stars in sight. Looks like it will be a nice day though they are giving a 30% chance of rain but it is a little warmer. Already it's +6.9 a change from the last few days. More rain coming for Thursday/Friday. It's beginning to get tiresome. I think we have enough!
It was another cool day but the sun felt warm when you were in it. Not as cold as Monday, but I kept a fire going in the furnace. I got out for my morning walk, but it's so quiet these days, didn't even see the ducks, just a lone Chickadee.  Lexi and I were out a couple of times, could hear the White -breasted Nuthatch in the trees, beautiful afternoon for a roam. Spent some time out in the yard picking things up to put away for the winter - butterfly baths, lights, etc. Managed to get the spare room and the bathroom cleaned up. One more room left upstairs - that will get done on Thursday.
 Not many red berries left in the woods, some branches only have 1 or 2.
 An empty hammock - dreams of warm summer afternoons.
 A few red leaves left.
 But most are more like these.
 A lovely afternoon on the lake, with the water up, you can't see the stone walk ways from island to island anymore.
 Believe it or not, this is a pea sprouting in the kitchen garden. Umm... maybe we'll have a winter crop.
 Not particularly an attractive photo but I think it's rather interesting.
Still have some Dill.

Enjoy  your day!

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