Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day 324 - 20th November 2014 - Reflections, an Apple and Goldfinches

Another nippy morning, thermometer says 0, but not sure how accurate it is these days. It's been acting kind of wonky. Might be time to look for a new digital indoor out/outdoor one. Giving a chance of rain today - just what we need.  Maybe it won't rain much and Lexi and I can get out for our jaunts. There's housework and computer work to do, neither sound very exciting but that's where my plans are taking me.
Oh the first day of winter (well not on the calender but in the weather) was nasty and cold at least in the morning. I don't like going to town in the winter, would much rather to play the hermit and stay home. I lucked in at the hospital - only 4 ahead of me for blood work, including my Great Aunt and Uncle so I got to catch up with them.  Had a Dr's appointment, good news no pneumonia, bad news bronchitis so I've got a puffer. Hope it kicks in soon, not being able to breath really sucks big time. Lots I need to do, lots I want to do, so need to get back on my feet.
Ditches are flooded but make for some nice reflections.
A single apple hangs from an otherwise bare tree.
A few Goldfinches at the feeder, although he doesn't look impressed with the Camera woman!
Looking into the lake.

I liked these little spikes of frost the other morning.
Just thought this was pretty cool - a frosty leave shape.

Enjoy your day!

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