Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 322 - 18th November 2014 - Junco, Goldfinch, Chickadee and Bling

Am up a tad bit early this morning, Still some rain this morning, but then it will probably end and come in colder. Nova Scotia weather - everything you want - just wait 5 minutes and it changes. They do say variety is the spice of life.  Not really sure what's on my list for today. I'm hoping to finish up some work in my photographs, if the weather clears Lexi and I will be out for a good roam. And then there is always the standard - laundry/housework to entertain a girl!
Well Monday was a nasty day, hope it's not a sign of the rest of the week. Rain this time of year is super depressing - it's dark, dreary and cold.  Oh well suck it up princess, it could be worse. I think I got everything done on my chore/to do list - Library cleaned up, cookies baked, floors swept, supper made, computer work and exercise class. I wasn't up to my 100% self at exercise but still managed to get through it - after all it was my two favourite things put into one night. That Cindy is some good to us. Oh yes and Lexi and I did get out a couple of times, short jaunts but I was plenty wet when I got back. She never seems to be terribly impressed with the rain but certainly takes her time.
Junco just chilling.
Goldfinch - they all like to stop and rest on the fence while waiting their turn at the feeders.
There were lots of Chickadees around yesterday, even in the rain.
I saved a little bling from Sunday, it's nicer than the rain.

Kind of looks like the moths were eating away at this leave.

Enjoy your day!

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