Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 327 - 23rd November 2014 - Bling, A Deer and Ice

Milder this morning, +5.8 and a little wet. Off  to do some more Christmas shopping today.  I'm hoping to finish off the bulk of mine, not that I really know what I want. I have a list made of things I can't get at home so that's what I'm working on. Not keen on spending too much time in stores once December rolls around, by then I will be in my happy place baking.
We had a rather uneventful Saturday. I went early for my walk, could see the sun rise through the trees, but I didn`t go quite early enough to catch it the way I wanted. It was a nice walk, cold in my pj's and camo jacket. No one much cares what you look like in the hood and most were still in bed, just the odd early bird going to work. Larry cleaned out the furnace, had a fire going and breakfast started when I got back. A day around the house, Larry cleaned up the back porch, I did work around the house, made pizza for supper. Took a drive up the road to check out friends feeders, it appears we all have the same birds right now.

A little morning Bling in the lake.
 The Goldfinches were in residence all afternoon.

 Saw this lovely lady on our afternoon drive.

 Some ice in the river.
 The water was moving fast.
Lots of foam too.

Enjoy your day!

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