Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 310 - 6th November 2014 - Clouds, Roses and a Crow

I see a few stars in the sky this morning, but they are giving a chance of showers later. Temperature is +3.5. Well my plans are to roam the hood some this morning, then I've got to tackle the one last room upstairs - and I've saved the worst for last. My clothes/shoe room. There will be  considerable purging here today! If I've not worn it in the last season - it's going.  This will no doubt use up a good portion of the day.
Beautiful sunrise Wednesday morning but by lunch time it had turned overcast and looked like rain wasn't far off. It held off I got my running around, errands done and remained dry! Wasn't much happening on the waterfront - all I saw in the harbour was one lone Cormorant and a couple of Crows on the grass and of course the usual pigeons hanging out around..  Didn't see anything in bushes or trees either. Home for left over chicken and a lazy evening.
 A rather weird sky with the sun coming through.
 An old rusted piece of machinery.
I was suprised to see Roses still in bloom along the waterfront. This one is showing signs of age.
 My favourite color.

 Several pots of  Impatiens were still flowering as well.
Looking for breakfast!

Enjoy your day!

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