Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 316 - 12th November 2014 - Gulls, Horned Lark, Deer and an American Bittern

Looks like a chance of a few showers today but sounds like another mild day. Mild in mid November is good. So far this morning I don't feel too bad but maybe I'm not that awake, sneezing but not coughing this is good, I think. I'm off to town today and tomorrow, not going to be much of interest to report as I'm in meetings - networking, etc. etc.
We had a great morning birding Tuesday. Headed out to Cape Sable Island, met up with some other birders and it was a fun time. Good walking, laughs and birds. I didn't get close enough for a good shot of the Blue-morph Snow Goose, but do have a distance shot that qualifies for identification and can add it to my lifer list. By that time I was running low on energy and my congestion and cough was starting up again. We headed for home, Larry had a project outside he wanted to work on (and it was a gorgeous day) and I had some things that I needed to get done up.
 Always lots of gulls around at Daniel's Head, although I don't see anything that looks different.
 Can't go to the shore without some water action.

 Horned Lark - not a new one but a better photo than I had.
 I think this big guy was our best catch of the day. He stood there looking at us while we snapped away!

 One handsome Buck.

 There were two American Bitterns at The Guzzle.

They really blend in with the grasses.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. He looks like he literally posed for you. Awesome shots and could be in a magazine. Wow. I could watch the gulls all day not nearly as many around as when I was a kid. Have a good day. as many