Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day 330 - 26th November 2014 - Canada Geese, Cardinals, Chickadee and Great Blue Heron

I should probably start this off with a warning - it's all birds today! Off to town this morning, sounds like it's going to be a very wet day - lots of rain on the way this afternoon. Finally getting my hair cut today too. Like we really need more. Friday looks good and will be the official dumping day for the Lobster season in this district. They've postponed it several times. Some time I'd like to go and take photos of them leaving the wharves.
We had a great day on Tuesday.  It remained foggy  all morning but that didn't stop us. Went to Yarmouth with the intention of birding and shopping although we spent most of our time hunting for birds. One of our crazy bird friends - Ervin played tour guide, driving us around to all of his hot spots. Of course the bird I was hoping to get was a no show, but I wasn't  disappointed  - got  a lifer just the same and a couple of good Cardinal shots.  We really are a crazy bunch, but it's lots of fun. On the shopping end - a few more gifts purchased and crossed off my list.

 Couple of my favourite things - Graveyards and Canada Geese!
 A stunning Male Cardinal - we must have seen 10-12 cardinals.  I have a hard time finding one in Shelburne.
 Not a fabulous photo but enough for an ID - Yellow-breasted Chat.
 Golden-crowned Kinglet.
 Great Blue Heron taking off.
 And there were lots of Chickadees.
And the Female Cardinal.

Enjoy your day!

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