Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day 312 - 8th November 2014 - Song Sparrow, Rain drops and White-breasted Nuthatch

Temperature feels like it's dropped this morning. My digital thermometer needs the battery replaced, I can't read the outdoor temp anymore.  On the list to do today! Am planning to take a drive out in search of the Green Heron later this morning.  He'd be a nice one to see and add to my list, it's been a good year for the unusual Herons. Those that don't necessarily make these parts their home. And it's always exciting to see something that you haven't seen before.
Friday was just another wet day.  Appointments done, errands accomplished and a birthday lunch with friends. Lots of good laughs over that one. Didn't even take my camera with me since the weather was so miserable, no point in lugging her around. Picked up some cold medication for Larry, hoping this "man cold" doesn't last too long. Poor guy was miserable last night. A day in town is not nearly as interesting as being home and seeing what spent the day at the feeders.  Left over soup for supper and our usual lazy evening.
Song Sparrow - there are at least three I see around the yard, most of the time they spend near my Phlox hedge eating seeds, but once in a while they move around back.
A few days ago on the lake.
I love when pine trees are laden with rain drops.
Grasses, rain drops and it looked like a swatch of pine pollen on the lake, but the wrong time of year I think.

Love the White- breasted Nuthatches - so funny with their upside down ways and you can usually hear them before you see them.

Enjoy your day!

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