Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 321 - 17th November 2014 - Lots of Bling, Woodpecker and American Tree Sparrow

Another Monday morning! Well it looks like a wet day is ahead - lots of rain on the way...again. Won't get too far today, sounds like it's mostly inside work. Well there is still plenty of that to do. Think I'll tackle the library and get that cleaned out today since the weather is only going to be fit for quick runs. Better make some cookies I guess for Larry's lunch box. And I have some computer work that needs to be finished up.
Sunday was a pretty good day, except Larry worked but Lexi and I kept ourselves occupied and it was kind of nice to be home. Although it would have been a great day to go birding. It's so quiet here now, all I ever run across on my walk is the regular birds - Blue Jays, Chickadees, etc. I still have this cold, can't seem to shake the cough and congestion, maybe it will mean a trip to the Doctor this week - I hope not. It was a lovely morning for a walk, chilly but I bundled up with cap, gloves and winter jacket. The bright sun coming through the frosty trees and bushes created loads of bling. Nature's jewels. I sorted out my shopping from Saturday and puttered around the house some when Lexi and I weren't out roaming.
 The sun was shinning on one of the bird feeders, full of frost.
 I love the Bling!
 The grasses along the shore were beautiful.

 Even the fallen crispy leaves are pretty now.
 Red leaves dipped in frosting.
 With all that Bling I almost forgot the birds. The Woodpeckers seem to be quite taken with this particular feeder.
 While checking out Lois' yard I discovered a new lifer - American Tree Sparrow.
Darn branch was in the way!

Enjoy your day!

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