Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 307 - 3rd November 2014 - Woodpecker, Mushrooms and a Squirrel

Had a glorious good sleep, even staying in bed til just before the alarm went off. Wow I feel good this morning. What a difference a good night makes, hopefully we are off to the start of a great week too. Am planning to tackle another room and do some baking today. Of course if the weather clears I'll be out for my walk to see what's around. It was so quiet last week I don't expect a lot but you never know if something stray came through.
Another very blah, wet Sunday. Well in all fairness it did stop a few times for a very short period of time but I didn't bother going out.Saw a Hawk sitting in a tree in the yard but didn't move fast enough to get a photo. I wasn't feeling up to par all day, think it was something I ate on Saturday, it was almost supper time before my appetite started coming back and I began to feel a tad normal again. I did push on and got the downstairs hallway done and most of the upstairs one. So progress was made, then I curled up with my Kobo and finished reading my book. We had an early supper depending on which clock you looked at in the house and lazy evening.
Way too many of these little guys around.
Mushroom growing on a stump.
Water is everywhere.
A little better day, but the color has left the leaves on the trees across the lake.
Woodpeckers are sometimes like acrobats when they want that suet.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I do prefer the birds over squirrels. Lol. Have a good day.