Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 90 - 30th March 2012 - Snow, Mayflowers and Ducks

Temperature is -1.8 this morning, similiar to yesterday but I don't think we have any fresh snowfall this morning so that's a good thing as Martha Stewart would say. Most of the snow had melted yesterday by supper time. Thank goodness.
Yesterday was a complete write off for me, I spent most of the day in bed feeling lousy. Usually I just think suck it up princess and keep going but yesterday I couldn't, I just crawled back in bed. I do feel a bit better this morning or so far anyway [early to tell yet]. When you miss a day it just means you have twice as much stuff to do the next day. I hate playing catch up. It's the end of the month or at least the last business day of the month, have to run to town this morning, do banking for the Hall, pay bills, groceries,etc. and am hoping I can get this all done and be back around lunch time. If my feet are still on the ground will get some work done around here this afternoon.
I did take a short walk yesterday, wasn't really in a photo mood but managed to get a few anyway.

This is what we saw yesterday morning. I know you are tired of snow photos but I have to take what I see! I promise no more til next winter unless we get a big storm or something weird and wonderful in the upcoming months.
I've been watching these mayflower buds for days. This little one is starting almost open, even though the cold snow of winter is falling on it. Such strenght and stamina for one so small.
Patches of snow hug the lichen on the side of the trees through the woods.
The ducks didn't seem to be bothered by the weather yesterday.
And snow showers continued but the ducks are rather oblivious to it.
As they say today is a new day, have had my second cup of coffeee and feel more like facing the world. It's Friday, you've made it to another weekend which looks to be more promising weather wise. Guess I am ready to take on today's battles, soon I will have some stuff off my shoulders and life will be better.  Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hopefully you are feeling better and able to accomplish what you need to get done. Remember there is always tomorrow and just about everything can wait 24 hours. Love the photos of the ducks will not even mention the others with that yucky white stuff. i will hold you to your promise no more photos of the white stuff :)