Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 85 - 25th March 2012 - Spring Flowers and Memories

The temperature is -1. 4 this morning. Guess you might call that more "seasonable" weather. This week looks like the one that gets my kitchen finished up - rain, snow, yuk!yuk! Larry has his woodshed all done but shingling the roof, one side of which I think he will get done today, then we'll wait for shingles to go on sale for the other side.
I decided to delve back into my grandmother's journals this morning. She always liked spring and the flowers popping up through the ground. When I was very small and they lived in town I remember that she had beautiful flower beds. Around 1970-1971 they sold their house in town and moved to the country, after that for many years they wintered in town. It was a 20 mile dirt road to travel over and at in the early days there was no electricty only their generator, so this was a compromise. My grandfather of course would never have spent another night in town, but this kept the peace in their household. There were very few days, though he didn't go up to the farm, and for a number of years my parents had sheep there so either he or they had to go.

25th March 1978: Saturday - Bob, Bobbie and Mike to Middle Clyde cleaning up. Big cat. [assuming they went hunting that day as well] Lovely March day. Cold, windy, I walked down town. Mother brough me back. Jimmie made Ice Cream.
26th March 1978: Sunday - Overcast. Bob to M.C. I stayed home. Last week end in town. I baked bread, started to get ready to move. [By the end of March my grandfather was anxious to move back to the country].
25th March 1977: Friday - Still snow over night. Snow or rain flurries most of the day. I played Bridge, SH had a luncheon, Bridge very nice. Kim got her grandfather's and her supper. She's gone to school thing for the evening. Plans to come back for the night. What a mess - the living room. her things books, etc everywhere. Kim here all night. Working on a new blouse.
25th March 1973 - Beautiful spring day. Warm at MC. Roads real good this spring.

I'm glad to have been able to spent so much time with my grandparents, and it's nice to read her journals and bring back memories.

These are some of the new crocus' I planted last fall.
And my Daphne is in full bloom, more or less when it is suppose to be!
I think the Mallards are grazing for food, their heads bob up and down under the water.
A little itch behind the ear?
The pussywillows are almost finished for the season.
And the mayflowers are getting closer to blooming.
The sunrise was beautiful this morning. The temperature is rising. Perhaps we'll get part of a nice day. Enjoy your Sunday!

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