Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 87 - 27th March 2012 - Research, Trees and Ducks

We are back to winter temperatures this morning, -4.0, brrrrr chilly! Off to town this morning for a meeting, then back home to get some work done. It breaks up the day, but I'd rather go in during the day than at night. Well there is no snow on the ground, but some very dark clouds circling the sky as daylight arrives.
Yesterday was cool most of the day, wind picked up making the +7 seem like -1 and there were snow flurries in the afternoon. Worked on my research paper, finding a few new facts. I have a group of men on the family tree who went to Massachusetts during the 1900's to fish, well this happened in a lot of families around that time. But of course they never returned and now I am in search of them. I have found a few, some have married, families, they appear in Census records, crew lists of ships, passenger lists going back and forth, and obituaries.  My great grandfather H went to Boston/Gloucester each spring to fish, but the difference was he took my great grandmother who kept house over there for a family, and their two sons - my grampie and his brother. I know this because grampie told me the stories many times of living in the States and going to school there. His big complaint was that they came home in the fall and he had to go to school again here. So I guess this migration for work has been going on for many years. Today families go out West, but I think we are less likely to lose them, with computers, skype, laptops etc. it's so much easier to keep in contact.
Caught this mallard as he was taking off, not sure who startled who.
The chair sits on the beach waiting for warmer days and someone to visit.
I like the way the tree grows and hangs over the lake edge. Soon they will be covered in leaves again.
And I found another pair of ducks further around the lake in another cove.
An old log reflects nicely in the water, but I'm not sure what that yellow spidery looking thing is below it.
A gentle ripple over a rock in the lake.
Not sure if these holes are from a woodpecker or some kind of insect.
A few raindrops left over from the rain last night.
Time for me to get mobile, have had my coffee, need breakfast and to get ready. Enjoy your day.


  1. Missed "My Blog" while I was away. Phone & facebook checking was out of the question in Jamaica lol. It is good to be home and although I enjoyed the trip immensely we do have an awful lot to be thankful for :)

  2. Glad to have you back on home ground again!