Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 72 - 12th March 2012 - Foggy Morning and Signs of Spring

Temperature is much milder this morning 0.7 and suppose to climb up there today. All I can see out the window is thick fog so spring must be here now! Yesterday turned out to be a nice day, but the wind was cold. Larry did spend most of the day working on his woodshed - he's replacing the old one and didn't come in until almost 8pm. The advantage of daylight savings time! He'll get back in the kitchen this week during a rainy day. Next on that list is to get the tiles on the counter top; guess he's got that figured out.  I spent most of the day puttering around cleaning up a few things - both project directed and house wise, went for a walk in the afternoon - overall nothing terrible exciting.

Today I'm going to settle in and work on that report I've been doing/or not doing as it seems lately. I've got to get it done as it feels like it's hanging over my head like a large brick now. Of course if it warms up it will be difficult to keep myself attached to the laptop. Tomorrow I'm dedicating some much needed time to Water St. before Karen disowns me.
The fog is gradually lifting in the yard, I can see the sun shining through.
A pair of mallard ducks sit snuggled together on a rock yesterday afternoon.
More signs of spring, crocus' I think popping through the ground.  It will actually be a bit of a surprise to me, since I planted a bunch of bulbs last fall, have forgotten where in some cases and what! A glorious Spring it will be.
Definitely tulips here.
A quick peek at to see what was happening in Canadian history:
March 12, 1851- Media - Former slave Henry Bibb publishes the first issue of Voice of the Fugitive, Canada's first black newspaper.
March 12, 1908 - Toronto native Frederick W. 'Casey'Baldwin the First Canadian and First British subject to fly an airplane; crashes into Lake Keuka near Glen Curtiss's workshop; he stops flying three years later and joins Alexander Graham Bell in designing hydrofoil boats at Baddeck. Hammondsport, New York
March 12, 1993 - Huge blizzard batters east coast of the US and Canada; wind piles snowdrifts ran as high as four metres; over 110 deaths. North America
It's March Break for students, some families will have gone to warmer weather and sunny beaches for the week and for others it's Monday, a return to the work week again.
Enjoy your day, hope you are able to get out in some sunshine today!

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  1. I must admit the first photo looked a little dreary and I thought oh dear, but the others with showed the hint of "spring" and the tulip breaking through the earth WOW!!!! You have an awesome day my friend :)