Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 70 - 10th March 2012 - The Ducks are out!

I wake up this morning to negative temperatures once again, -3.9! It is suppose to warm up but nothing like Thursday. I'm really thinking I'd like to go to the beach today, maybe if we can get some work done around here this morning, after lunch we'll take off for a few hours and see what interesting things we can find.
Danny let their ducks out last night to go back in the lake now that the ice has gone. They've had a short stay in their house/pen this year but were glad to get back to the water again. They were so funny waddling down to the lake, unfortunately I was losing the daylight and didn't get any great photos of their short jaunt.
They were happy to splash around and take a bath, getting all cleaned up again like only a dip in the lake can do. There are other semi-tame ducks in the lake as well, so a crowd gathered after a few minutes.
Flexing their wings and splashing about.
The lake was pretty with a pink glow and the reflection of trees along the edge, not a whisper of wind last evening, all quiet and peaceful except for the sound of happy ducks.
The sun setting behind the trees is among my favourite views. I like the silhouette of the trees against the soft light in the background.  Larry and Lexi walked down the road to meet me and we all went home to a quiet evening.
The sun came up in a blast of bright colors this morning, looks like it will be a nice day. Best get on with some work so we can go out this afternoon.
Enjoy this beautiful Saturday!

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