Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 82 - 22nd March 2012 - Off to Halifax!

Another very warm morning +7.8. Am off to Halifax this morning on Bernie's Shuttle  and a night at the Waverley Inn. My princess bed awaits me. I'm looking forward to a night away, perhaps a walk on Spring Garden Road, some time at the Archives this afternoon and will meet up with my friend Kim for a natter. Larry and Lexi, of course get to stay home and tend the house. All in all a dream day. It doesn't always take much to make me happy.

Well yesterday was even hotter than Tues, can't believe it's March and not July! Beatti said it was 33 on her deck in the afternoon. I suggest that we start promoting ourselves as the "place in the sun" for March - why would anyone need to go to Florida, Cuba, etc. when we have these temperatures. Mix yourself some nice tall drinks, take along a good book and spend the afternoon on the deck! Now that's relaxing!
A little something growing on a wood stump. They almost look like shells rather than fungi.

More bulbs budding up, can't wait to see these.
This is Mitten, another neighbourhood kitty. She's enjoying a stretch on the boat. I bet the boat is nice and warm after being in the sun all afternoon. I couldn't resist this one with her mouth wide open!
I think she's getting ready to pounce, but I'm not sure at what!
And this is Tutti, all she wanted to do was rub against my legs so it was hard to get a good pic of her. I sometimes babysit these two little cuties when there parents are away.
A perfect day for hanging homemade quilts on the line [there is another one further up the line]. The smell of that quilt when you take it in the house after hanging out all day would bring back warm and fuzzy childhood memories I'm sure.
Time to get some things done before heading out today. It's Thursday, your weekend is just around the corner. If you have thoughts of burning grass or brush, etc. please be careful, the forest is dry.
Enjoy your day.

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