Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 62 - 2nd March 2012 - A Fun Day after the Storm!

Still pretty cool out there, temperature is -5.9. It's Friday, I think school is cancelled so the kids will all be happy and we have both power and internet - totally amazing here in the country after a snowstorm! I'm not sure if we got as much snow as they called for but it looks like quite a lot. I'll be out with my big winter boots, to take photos for sure today! Can't wait. When snow comes once/year you have to take advantage of it. Larry & Lexi will be out with the snow shovels - oh yes she helps - or annoys I'm not sure which; if you ask Larry it's the later. She likes to pull or push the push shovel but usually in the opposite direction he's going with it.  Spent all morning until lunch time taking photos, then went to town, back, had lunch. Now ......              
From the window this morning.
The icicles hanging from the house were soon dripping as it warmed up this morning.
A pretty stand of small trees, covered in snow.
A few views of the lake.

Just to throw a little fun in there and some color!
The snow is blowing from the trees in the woods.

Glistening snow in the woods.
Looking up into the branches.
The sun makes a strange appearance.
Getting some practice in!
A junco, perched in a tree.

A robin hidden in the branches.
A brown headed cowbird. He sat there for a long time.
I was really pleased with some shots I got of this sparrow. He was very co-operative and let me click, click, click!
So as usual I've posted way too many photos, but I can't help myself! I took over 300 this morning, it was great fun, except when my fingers got really cold down by the lake. Next year - please Santa bring me thin warm gloves and a better pair of snow pants for laying on the snow/cold ground/rocks taking photos!
Enjoy your afternoon and evening, the work day is almost over.

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