Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 83 - 23rd March 2012 - Halifax Harbourwalk

Not sure what the temperature is this morning, but it still feels pretty mild  - I don't have a thermometer in my room! Need another cup of coffee to jolt my eyelids in place. Like home my favourite time of the day in the city is morning, it's quiet and peaceful with only a few vehicles going by. Even the city sleeps!
Well I don't even want to know what the temperature was yesterday - all I can say it was hot, hot, hot in the city and I don't have my summer wear out! Good trip in, had lunch with Kim, Archives in the afternoon, supper with Catherine and then I walked on the waterfront. Wow there were lots of people out - glad the city folks are not just holed up in apartments! It's a great place to stroll and includes the new Farmer's Market and Pier 21, I had walked these two spots last time so cut back through a side street to the Inn.
I don't think you can call these two graffiti, they are just way too cool.
The waterfront was bustling with people and someone was getting ready to set sail.
And they are away from the wharf!
The sail is up and they are moving along. In the background is Dartmouth. What a beautiful night to be on the water.
And this is where I went.
They looked really busy here! Guess everyone must have been thirsty after their walk!
The Canada Flag against an evening sky, what a beautiful sight.
And I'm back in my wonderful room at the .........
I will soon head down and see what a marvelous breakfast Todd has cooked up this morning. Then it will be off to a meeting; this afternoon home on the shuttle. It's Friday once again, and the weekend is right around the corner. Enjoy your day!

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