Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 77 - 17th March 2012 - St. Patrick's Day and An Afternoon with the Ducks

A mild morning - temperature is +1.9. It's St. Patrick's Day - a celebration of Ireland; that's more or less what takes place these days and the fact that people seem to like all things green - clothes, hats, beer............ Maybe it just breaks up the month of March and begins a celebration of Spring. I think originally it was a religious day as this is the date of Saint Patrick's death, but we are talking many years ago somwhere around the 5th century in Northern Ireland. My Irish roots will celebrate quietly.

Saw some bicycle riders yesterday afternoon, a sure sign that spring has sprung [truth be told they've been biking off and on all winter]. They actually did a 16km ride, so I'd say that's darn good and someone will have sore legs this morning!
So I had a pretty good afternoon with the ducks. They seem to be getting a little more use to me or, I'm getting better at crawling over the rocks, through the bushes and trees. This fellow was splashing up a storm, think it must have been bath time. 
He seems to be very content, swimming along without a care in the world.
I'm not sure if this fellow has fleas or is just itchy, maybe it's the winter feathers, but he did a lot of scratching!
More splashing! This would be a day that I'd like a camera with a very long zoom lens, [I don't see that any time in the near future] but it's important to work with what you have and most days I do love my camera. I read somewhere that the camera doesn't make the photographer.
paddle, paddle, paddle.

This is the part where I've crawled over rocks and  through bushes to get close. It's a long painstaking journey, but....
A little too much sun light on this, but I didn't have time to adjust settings, but I like the action.   
Settled back in, and I left them for the afternoon. I did walk back over last evening, but left my camera at home [I know that was bad]. There were lots more ducks, so maybe another night after supper I will try for some more shots. Think I'll take a nice cushion for comfort of a long sit, maybe some camouflage clothes too?
Guessing since it's Saturday, most of you are having a bit of a sleep in this morning. Enjoy the day!

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  1. The one day of the year when we are all "Irish" well I hope you have a great day. Looks like you enjoyed yourself. Better slow down or the next thing we know "the Nature of Things" will be sending you off on photo shoots far far away. Of course I know you are always up for an adventure but I do believe there would not be any show shopping in those remote areas. "You shoot them and your father carves them. I have several of your father's on my mantle which I admire and now I get to admire your photos. Great job :)