Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 67 - 7th March 2012 - Chairs and Cats

It's Wednesday, and brrrrrrrr -8.0 for the temperature this morning. It seems to be getting colder not warmer!  Another day in town, well haven't been there since last Friday, but would still like to hang home today. Oh well have lots to do so better get my mind around getting it done. And then there is always lunch.....umm bacon/scallop wrap, something to really look forward to. If all goes well I'll get at least half of what I need to do done. That's the best I can usually hope for. Seems I get further behind each week. Well 6 hours/week is not a lot of time. Tonight its the AGM for the Fire Dept/Hall, but they are not usually long. The sky was magnificent this morning, beautiful hues of  pink turning to red and orange.  I should have gone out but didn't, knew I would probably be late if I did.

Yesterday I rolled past 10,000 photos on my camera. I bought it in late September/early October. Guess that's a lot of pictures. I've been cleaning them out - some are good, some are really bad, but  I can see  improvement which is a good thing. I'm anxious to take another class at the end of March. I've got an external hard drive so back up everything every few weeks. That's important - it's not only the photos I don't want to lose but my research, office work, etc.

What a great looking chair to sit in and read during a nice summer afternoon.
When I'm in town I usually take photos from the sidewalks, not sure people want me roaming through their backyards, I would surely get arrested!

Looking at the picnic tables across the harbour at Islands Park.

I have no idea what these big hunks of metal are, but I like the looks of the rust against the sky and water.

I think these red chairs are waiting for a warm July evening, some good friends, cold beer, nachoes and salsa! For now they are covered in a layer of frost waiting for the sun to melt it off.

Not sure what this little fellow was looking for since the pigeons are all up above but......

This little fellow seemed to be enjoying the sun.

Just a small reminder of the -8 morning we woke up to.
The day was not altogether bad, sun came out warmed things up a lot.  I managed to get 1/2 of what I wanted done. Have to get ready for my meeting, and am wondering if I can sneak out before hand and catch the moon, looks pretty clear and maybe it will peak through before I have to leave!
Enjoy the evening everyone!

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  1. Beautiful photos Miss Kim.....the chairs looked so inviting and ready to enjoy some laughter, then the last one a reminder of the morning chill....glad you caught the moon tonight, that picture was exquisite. Not only can you spin the words but quite the photographer as well. It was worth the wait...thanks again and perhaps we shall aim for next Wednesday.....a girl can dream can't she?