Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 61 - 1st March 2012 - In Like a Lion

A nippy morning, temperature is -4.6. Believe it or not we are in to month three of the year! So where did Jan & Feb go?? Looks like March is going to come in like a lion - our first really snow storm of the winter is expected! The girls in the nieghbourhood may finally be able to go out cross country skiing on something more than a dusting of snow. I am not particularly a great fan of snow, but if we are going to have a season called winter - we should have one big storm - not enough to interrupt power, Internet etc. but you know just once in a few months is not a bad thing. Anything we get this time of year will only last a few days. Wonder if I should go out and put heating pads on my bulbs that have been coming up?

Decided a pot of chili would be a great comfort food for a snow storm's simmering away on the back of the stove for supper. Got the camera batteries recharged, cell phone charged, water, flashlights, etc. all ready just in case. It's been snowing quite a while out there, started around 10am and there are gusts of wind periodically.  Nothing like a snow storm to get me in the housecleaning mode, buzzed around, dusting, sweeping and doing laundry and dishes. Once I finish lunch I'm heading out with my ziplock baggie cam to take some pics. If you don't hear from me, it means I've suffocated myself in the baggie. Maybe I shouldn't joke about that! Made it - almost blew away down by the lake but.......

The trees are covered again with just a bit of green sticking out under the white crystals of snow.

So I found a neighbour's deck with a bit of overhang for protection [no they were not home and yes I will probably be arrested some day!] from the wind or so I thought, but it's a northeast wind and just pinned me against their house. Oh well........

I like the patches of white like tiles across the lake.

I moved down the lake to another spot, no protection here, the wind was stronger and blowing hard.

A few icicles hang off branches.

The snow snuggles down in the pine needles.

I like the contrast of the burned out tree trunk and the snow around it.

Just finished a nice cup of "special" hot chocolate while downloading the photos. Snowing harder and the wind has picked up again. I'm betting that my two groups of friends who have just returned from Florida are very happy they didn't miss this! And did I mention, this storm is just for us...yes - Lunenburg to Digby, not often we get anything at this end of the province!
 It will soon be time to have the chili, it smells sooooooo good. Enjoy your evening, drive home safely, and I hope all your skiers get out in the morning!

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