Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 64 - 4th March 2012 - Another Sunrise

Another mild day +3.3. When I went to bed last night the temperature was +8, and I think the weatherman must have been right  "rainfall warning"- it rained, and rained yesterday. Guessing everything will be a muddy mess today.
Around 6:30am as I looked out the window and saw a bit of pink hues coming through the trees, I thought I better go try for the sunrise. Yeah, once again I donned boots and jacket, heading to the neighbours backyards. Thank goodness they all sleep soundly and no one notices a crazy woman in pj's roaming around.
The boats are pulled up and waiting for the ice to leave the lake.

A bit of light comes through the dark of night.

More pinkish coming through and reflecting in the lake.

Little ice flows in the cove - it will all be gone soon. A haze over some parts of the lake.

I love the lake in the morning - so serene. I could hear ducks splashing and talking, but didn't see any, other birds chirping away. I did see a Robin.

It's fun to hide under trees and use their limbs to frame out what I'm looking at.

Back to the boat ramp and homeward.

The sky was soft and gentle this morning, no bright colors but sometimes that's a good thing!

Have a busy day ahead, will spend most of it at our Hall. Looks like it's going to be a nice day.
Enjoy your Sunday, I guess some of you are just waking up!

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  1. Yes I was just getting up when you posted "my blog" lol The photos are beautiful as usual the first one could be a postcard!! I think I now have tow fav pictures. You have a good day as well, mine will be busy and perhaps a trip to outpatients to get something for this sinus ughhh. I don't suppose your neighbor is working there today lol Talk to you later